Bring process reliability to your manual production

skillflow closes the gap in human error prevention by digitizing manual work steps that cannot be captured by ther systems, supporting your employees in real time and providing data for process optimization.

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The challenge

Up to 25% of industrial processes cannot be automated and require manual steps.

Until now, industrial process reliability in industry has been ensured mainly through the use of machines and camera systems.

skillflow closes the gap.

It is an intelligent sensor-equipped wearable for digitizing manual assembly steps that works as an early warning system: while the production worker is performing a manual step, it is recorded and analyzed directly by skillflow. If the result deviates from the learned target process, this is signaled to the worker and can be corrected. This significantly reduces manufacturing error and scrap costs, while significantly increasing process reliability, customer, and employee satisfaction.

Digitize manual steps in my manufacturing process

What can skillflow do?

Production reliability and quality assurance in hidden manual operations that cannot be covered by camera systems

Discover the potential of skillflow in my production

skillflow is suitable for your manufacturing if you are facing challenges in hidden worksteps, where cameras systems cannot support your quality assurance:

What does skillflow offer?

skillflow supports you in quality assurance, process optimization and training of your employees

Reach full transparency in your production

skillflow highlights the blind spots in your manual production area.

Save rework costs

Reduce defect rates and therefore warranty risks.

Increase your quality

Your customers choose their suppliers based, among other things, on the quality of the products. Avoid complaints and ensure higher customer satisfaction.

Take advantage of digitization

Generate important data such as number of pieces, scrap and cycle time in addition to existing real-time data from your machinery. These are available at the push of a button.

Get one step closer to zero-defect assembly

Minimize field failures, increase your efficiency, and protect yourself from brand and image damage.

Implement skillflow during running production

skillflow can be integrated into your working environment quickly, easily, and without disrupting the running production.

How is skillflow integrated into my production environment?

skillflow is implemented in five steps



Our data engineers analyze your entire workflow and identify suitable manual steps.


Data acquisition

Our team visits your manufacturing site to record tactile and acoustic data.


Data Processingtify

The collected data is implemented in our Machine Learning Model


Device Initialization

The wearable device is connected to the digital platform and, if necessary, to your MES.


Ongoing operation

Your employees can start using the device without interrupting running production. skillflow now supports your workers in real time and collects data for further optimization.

Integrate skillflow in my production

Who recommends skillflow?

This is what our customers say

"Our employees appreciate the additional "safety net" that skillflow provides. TX-1 delivers the assurance that no important work step has been missed out."

Production Manager
Leading Construction Tool Manufacturer

"We particularly liked the quick and easy integration of skillflow into our production. And how effortlessly our workers are able to identify and fix mistakes is a game changer."

Project Manager
large German automotive OEM


skillflow is a brand and a product of tacterion

The two brothers Michael and Daniel Strohmayr founded the company in 2015 as a spin-off of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Munich. Our patented sensor technology plyon® is designed for smart surface solutions and smart components. It enables the next generation of interactive and responsive products, such as a sensor skin for robotics, and adds a sense of touch to products and machines.

With a team of world-class engineers, software developers, data scientists and industrial designers, we are able to deliver not only sensors, but also a fully integrated tactile solution for your products.

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