An intelligent worker assistance WEARABLE​ for
manual assembly processes

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The Challenge

Human skill comes with human error.

Despite more and more automation, people working manually remains central to many tasks in manufacturing. The human sense of touch is powerful and often irreplaceable. It allows us to act with Dexterity: the ability to perform a difficult action quickly and skillfully with our hands. This is one of the many values added by industrial frontline operators, every day.

To maintain a continuous level of vigilance, especially throughout highly repetitive tasks, operators need support, to retain their skill level and to avoid manufacturing errors in the constant process flow. Errors that result in millions of lost minutes and dollars for finding and fixing them. Feedback on the quality of manual labour is urgently needed, as soon as errors occur. In real time.

The Solution

Skillflow closes the gap by digitizing manual work steps – assisting workers in real-time and providing new data to optimize processes.

Skillflow recognizes incorrect executions and provides instant feedback to foster a higher level of productive flow-state performance. The system is already capable of monitoring and analyzing distinctive interactions through tactile, audio or IMU data.​

  • Assists workers on the shop floor by signaling the manufacturing error exactly when it occurs.​

  • Increases process reliability and reduces manufacturing errors.

Real-time warning when interactions deviate too much from the learnt reference

Live data from the assembly line for a holistic picture

Skillflow not only assists workers on the ground but makes previously intransparent unautomated manual tasks visible in real-time.

Unlocking completely new optimization possibilities for your quality assurance.

Digitizing the manual work force

skillflow offers a hard- & software-based support for manual human skills to achieve zero error in production flows. Our 1st smart wearable product is TX-1.

TX-1 uses a digital sense of touch to analyze job performance during execution. It compares task performance with pre-defined targets and provides immediate feedback to the operator, either >> Go ahead << or >> Correct the mistake <<. TX-1 works as the operator’s smart tactile extension for error detection. It’s that simple. But to make it look easy on the shopfloor, innovation and a high level of technical uniqueness are needed. TX-1 combines exactly these attributes.

TX-1 Architecture

The industry-grade TX-1 Smart Wearable is fitted with built-in tactile sensors to analyze the operator‘s physical interaction in the workplace. The thin and light wearable collects and transfers sensor data to the smart wristband to be analyzed by highly efficient AI-powered on-the-edge algorithms that compare actual with target values in real-time. The smart wristband immediately alerts the operator, if deviations from the specified digital tactile twin process model are detected. This allows to avoid the cost of time-consuming error analysis and complex rework later in the process.


of production value added by HUMANS


error Reduction per operation step



Pioneering worker digitization with just peripheral competition

Camera based solutions

Digital worker tools

Limited use cases

Limited by sight

No qualitative measurement

location bound

impacting workflow

Measurement andmonitoring right at the work piece

low cost barrier

High adaptability

High accuracy


very High cost

limited to tasks with tools

slow adaptability

location bound

Proprietary force sensors

plyon’s thin and durable sensor architecture differentiates itself with its excellent signal integrity under bending - the perfect fit for the application

The Company

We taught robots the human touch. Now we aim to revolutionize manual labor.

Founded 2015

Spin-off of German Aerospace Center

Patented touch sensor technology

Series-A funded

Market-leading industrial partners

Priority on identification of potential customers

Potential areas of interest

White goods
Tool assembly
Engine construction
Railroad engineering
(hydraulic and pneumatic systems)
Agricultural engineering

Target customer profile

Manufacturing with manual assembly
Routine jobs
Tasks with specific tactile interaction event
Medium to large quantities (no small series)
Assembly workers with low level of training

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