Error prevention for manual processes with hand-held machines

tacterion was founded in 2015 as a spin-off of the German Aerospace Center. The patented sensor technology plyon® has won market-leading companies as customers, partners and investors.

The benefits

skillflow closes the gap in human error prevention

Make your hand-held machines smart

Transform otherwise analogue manufacturing steps into fully digitized, integrated processes.

Analyse mobile workstations with one single system

Simplify your quality control in mobile workstations by using skillflow for different processes.

Benefit from previously unavailable data

Highlight the blind spots in your manual production and visualize valuable data for your processes.

Get one step closer to zero-defect assembly

Minimize field failures, increase your efficiency, and protect yourself from brand and image damage.

How it works

skillflow for hand-held machines

Our wearable device is designed to be worn comfortably by itself or on top of a normal work glove throughout the shift. However, it does not generate data for the entire shift, but only in relevant processes. The device recognises these via geofencing, for example, and switches from standby to active when the users goes to their workstation. In static production environments, a production control system or the workers themselves can also switch the device on.

With the device activated, the workers then carry out their work skillflow then calculates whether the steps are carried out correctly or incorrectly based on the stored target values.

If the work step was carried out correctly, it is either confirmed to the worker directly on the wearable or a screen. If not, a warning signal is emitted and the work steps can be corrected directly.

Digitize my manual processes with hand-held machines

How is skillflow integrated into my production environment?



Our data engineers analyze your entire workflow and identify suitable manual steps.


Data acquisition

Our team visits your manufacturing site to record tactile and acoustic data.


Data Processing

The collected data is implemented in our Machine Learning Model.


Device Initialization

The wearable device is connected to the digital platform and, if necessary, to your MES.


Ongoing operation

Your employees can start using the device without interrupting running production. skillflow now supports your workers in real time and collects data for further optimization.